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Thought-provoking and insightful, as always.

I may be missing something more nuanced in your argument, but I find your assessment of the “Sneak Peek” puzzling. That is to say, the evidence suggests there are different channels and venues, that there are briefings (http://www.larryjordan.biz/app_bin/wordpress/archives/1365) on one hand and SuperMeets (http://www.larryjordan.biz/app_bin/wordpress/archives/1452) on the other. In that world I see opportunities for different levels of engagement and what you've interpreted to be an “act of desperation” might just have been a chance to put on a good show.

Regarding the third-parties, I would suggest that the manufacturers of both hardware and software have *created* an extensive ecosystem around FCP.

There's no doubt the demo was a good show, as is evidenced by the crowd reaction. Apple very easily could have hosted their own presentation on Sunday (as they have done in the past) or Monday, but they chose to barge into a FCPUG meeting that already had a full schedule, and in some way got all that time for themselves. That sets a tone for the positioning of the product and the people developing it. If they had the marketing backing that they need, I'm sure another venue and time, with equal or more pull, would have emerged.

As to the current ecosystem, it thrives. The code base of this new application will clearly demand that a lot of third party add ons will have to be redesigned from the ground up. I'm concerned that smaller developers, without strong ties to the Apple development team or that are in some way bending the transparent workflow rules that Apple continuously shifts on them, will get lost in the shuffle and edge case workflows will not be supported.

Thanks for responding to my comments. I fear we may sound like a couple of old-timers reminiscing about bygone days!

However much as we and our peers might have enjoyed those exclusive, invite-only events I can't help thinking that the SuperMeet appears to have been rather effective at getting word out beyond the walls of Bally's Event Center. None of this seems to have hurt sales and the February briefing would seem to suggest that higher-profile clients are still being courted. In the end that may be more important than being seen to spend money elsewhere…

I want to see the ecosystem continue to grow too. I think that we all understand how important it is. I was only meaning to challenge your use of the phrase “hang off” in the original post, which I don't think acknowledges the proactive role the third-parties play. My experience is that developers are only too aware of the limitations as well as the opportunities involved in creating solutions for FCP. Moving forward I also hope that there is equal chance for all.

You're joking me? If you don't think MBP are cunttig edge technology, you're an idiot. I'm sorry, but you seem to be defying all logic. Of course PC's can get the same specs for cheaper, but they're also crappier. Find me a well built, aluminum unibody, backlit keyboard, 1920X1200 screen. Oh wait .you can't. You're paying for quality, and in the end you pay what you get for. I'll keep my MBP 17, thanks.

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